I am often reminded of the humble role I play in all of it.  I have been blessed with a creative gift and a natural connection with nature and animals from a young age.

I am truly replenished after spending time exploring and filming nature.  I am in constant awe in what God puts before me during my travels, the breath taking landscapes, colors, and weather along with the spell binding creatures and their amazing senses and abilities.

Dedicated to becoming an accomplished naturalist, I believe that fine images are earned from a deep respect for nature and the pursuit of knowledge gained by experiencing it.  My award-winning work has been published in a variety of publications, framed images grace the walls of homes and corporate offices throughout the world.  I am proud to shoot my images under natural light without the use of color gels or filters.

I am committed to increasing public awareness about the natural environment through my photography, films, products and community involvement.  My goal is to capture that emotion in a creatures eye or moment in time where we truly connect with nature and bring it back to share with you. 

Gifts of nature are as plentiful as they are fragile.  From the wetlands to the desert, we must maintain a sense of appreciation, respect and an understanding of our natural environments and the species whose very survival as well as our own depends on finding a balance. 

Peter Slaney
Award-Winning Photographer, Publisher.  Naturalist.

Nature photography plays an important role in the health of the human spirit.  On the walls of our urban habitats photographs become passages to the natural world.  Images of nature are the source of daydreams for the urban dweller, a connection to another time and place.  These images conjure up dreams of a journey to a pristine mountain stream, a walk beneath the mystical giants of an ancient forest, an encounter with a wild creature close enough to touch, and a brief glimpse of the sweet light cast upon a distant alpine slope as the sun rises.  Through images of nature, there is a moment when the human spirit is replenished and the observer remembers who and what they are.

For over 100 years, nature photographers have revealed the beauty of wild places and creatures.  Memorable images have had a profound impact on the efforts of society to preserve wilderness throughout the world.  In a time when ecological preservation is essential to the survival of the human spirit, photographs serve as reminders of what it is we are in fear of losing.

Nature photography is an important tool of science, a means of exploration and a method of discovery.  An image is a window of understanding created by a selective vision of time and space…A simple model that helps us see the obvious and understanding the complex.

My passion for exploring wild places drives me as I traverse remote country throughout the world shooting our natural environments and its inhabitants.